Remove backgrounds from an image or photo easily, directly online, and for free!

Today I want to present a couple of very useful tools, which allows you to remove funds to the image you want directly online, without the need of third-party programs, fast and simple to download. Come on, a stub!

Now, do not believe that they are two current web tools, these two work very well without you having to download absolutely nothing and, in fact, they are two of those that I normally use when I want to remove a background to an online image without problems and in less than five minutes.

quitar fondo online

And beware, it is not easy to find something like that on the Internet, I already tell you that there are not many, and these are the two best, in case you want to share them with your colleagues.

The two tools are Clipping Magic and Pixlr and, if I tell you the truth, the second one is much more powerful, which is basically an online mini-Photoshop.

As I know it can be a bit overwhelming if you are not from the sector, I have even made a tutorial so you can carry it out not only now, you are in a hurry, you can also save this page for next times you have to do the process of removing a background from an image, which you surely appreciate, because not everyone has time, or head, to remember this.

What, how do you see it? Good news, right?

The first, Clipping Magic, a classic to remove image backgrounds online

The tool is called Clipping Magic and well, it has its limitations but what it does (remove funds) does it very, very well.

How does Clipping Magic work?

Well, very simple, you simply upload an image , to the size you want, and tell Clipping Magic what the background is, and what is not the background, thanks to putting some green lines for the image, and some red lines for the background, and simply with this the site will cut your image and leave it without a background , ready for you to download it to your computer and do what you want with it.

Cómo quitar fondo con Clipping Magic2

As you can see, you can remove the background with the occasional click, but a very simple process, which works in 2019 and will work for many years.

Limitations? Sure!

Let’s see, the site is really good to save you time and, especially, when you are on a shared computer where you don’t have¬†Photoshop¬†and you have to manage them, since between this and a sad Paint you can work miracles.

But of course, although Clipping Magic works very well, it has its limitations, do not expect a perfect crop of complicated images, because surely something will happen to you.

Now, you want it to make a few memes and have fun, because it will serve you, and much, without the need to waste time or resources.

Another important limitation is that, although the tool works very well and increasingly has more features, it has an important drawback: For a while now it is a tool that, if you want to download the image, you will have to pay for it.

The plans are quite cheap, starting at ‚ā¨ 3.99 / month you can download up to 15 images / month and, if you don’t spend them, those credits will go the following month.

But even so, you will have to loosen money to be able to download your bottomless images in a related format, such as a .png.

And this I know is a nuisance, you want your bottomless photos and you want them now, regardless of anything else, right?

Quiet, it has a solution.

Conclusion about Clipping Magic as a tool

If you are looking for a site to get out of the way, or to make chorraditas, Clipping Magic will be really useful when it comes to take away the funds to the images.

Also, I am not going to cheat you, the system is really fun, and you can have a good time making those pranks in a photo, which is always appreciated.

If instead you are looking for something super professional, obviously, you will have to go to Photoshop, or Pixlr, which is the other tool that I will present below.

Now, I tell you that I have tried it and it works quite well, in addition, with the latest filters that have been applied to the tool to do complicated tasks such as trimming the hair of a photo, it has improved a lot.

Pro Tip: There are times when Clipping Magic can save your life, especially with photos that have complicated backgrounds.

In this case, you can delete all or much of the background with this tool, with a click or two and, from there, even if you cannot download, you can take a screenshot of the photo, download it through your connection to Internet, and then upload it to Pixlr to do the fine work.

You didn’t think about this, right?¬†So you take advantage of the two best tools.

Pixlr as a free option to remove image backgrounds

The other option that I personally recommend, I like very much, is called Pixlr and it is not that it serves to remove image backgrounds without you having to install anything, it is that it serves for much more!

You’ll see, I’ll tell you:

How does Pixlr work?

If the previous one that presented you, Clipping Magic, works very well to do only one thing, such as removing funds online, Pixlr works very well to do many things.

In fact, it is the closest thing to an online Photoshop that I have ever seen, with a lot of features that are very cool.

In fact, I am not going to tell you that it is the best graphic design tool in the world, but it is one of the best, since you can really do things very close to what you would do with a desktop Photoshop, directly on the web through Internet.

And this is much more than any tool of this type can give you.

Since I don’t want to make you dizzy, I’m going to tell you how to remove a background online with Pixlr.

Removing a background from an online image with Pixlr

Next, we go with the step by step for Pixlr, made in 2019, but valid for much later, you will see

The first step is to enter Pixlr and activate the Flash (you just have to click) to make it work well. Quiet that you have it installed for sure, you just have to click on the white part that appears on the screen and activate it.

The second step is to upload the image or photos to which you want to remove the background directly to the web, like this:

The third step, of course, is to choose the image you want, in my case I have chosen a photo of a flower so that I have the most spring post, but you upload the one you want, because this is valid from news websites to the press Yellow, it doesn’t matter.

Another thing that will not matter is the size you upload, then you will be able to trim the canvas, make the image small, or even share, the possibilities are many.

Before removing the background you must unlock the layer of the same, for that you just have to double click on this box.

This step is essential, if you do not, it will be as blocked and you will not be able to touch the bottom even if you make every effort in the world.

Don’t skip it!

As a fourth step, simple, you click on the wand and click on the bottom of the photo.

  1. Press the Delete key on your computer and the background will be gone.
  2. As you can see, it has been trimmed by the lines that marked you before, eliminating any trace of the background.
  3. Now you repeat the operation with the other parts of the fund that you have not yet removed, just by clicking on them and then to the Delete key, until you leave it to taste, being able to hurry as much as you want.
  4. Now there is only the final step: Save it without background.
  5. To do this, go to File, Save and choose PNG

And in less than 5 minutes you will have your bottomless image made completely online and without costing you a hard one, how do you stay? Did you expect such good news for an online tool?

Pixlr limitations

I will be very clear: In the case of Pixlr if you can not have the image without a background, it is either because the image is tremendously complex, or because you have not had enough patience, since the process is very fast.

I’m going to give you a trick, if you have many background tones you can always click over those tones of a neutral color (white or black) and, once you have painted them, you can remove the background only once.

Simple and effective.

Another limitation is, of course, that, being a web tool, it will be difficult to move very heavy images or that are very large because, despite sharing many Photoshop features, it is not the same to try directly from your computer to do it 100% online, no matter how much we are in the year 2019.


Pixlr seems to me without a doubt the best tool to remove image backgrounds online effortlessly and with good quality, without having to be tied at any rate, how do you see it?

If you have any questions about it, tell me in the comments, go.

RemoveBG, the best application to remove background images, online and free

The tool is called RemoveBG, and it serves to remove the background of any image completely automatically. The end of having to walk marking points and selecting layers to separate them is over. All you have to do is enter the page or upload the photo to which you want to remove the background. You can upload photos of any resolution and size. In a few seconds you can download the image with the background removed.

How does Remove BG work?

As they explain on their page, the tool works with artificial intelligence . It is programmed to differentiate the people that appear in the image as foreground and the rest of the objects as background. That is why it only works on images where at least one person appears .

The developers of the tool are working so that in the future it serves to eliminate the background in all types of images: of products, for example. They are also developing an application to further simplify its use. Through their page they offer the possibility of requesting access to the beta version of the tool if you want to integrate it into your page, in your own application or in any other web service.

As they explain, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčdeveloping the tool came from their own experience.¬†Tired of devoting hours and hours to image editing when they needed to remove a background, they decided to find a simpler way to do it.¬†In principle they planned to develop an application to use the resulting images with a transparent background as the basis for doing something else.¬†But seeing the great utility of the algorithm, they decided to launch it as a tool, for the benefit of all those who, more or less frequently, need to eliminate funds from an image.

The tool is having a great reception, so the development team continues to work to improve it. Of course, they say they are very clear that they want to continue offering this service for free forever.

Limitations of Remove BG

The main limitation, as I mentioned, is that it only works on images where at least one person appears.

Another limitation: the size of the resulting image is limited to 500 √ó 500 pixels, although work is being done to increase this limit.

On the other hand, the cleanliness of the bottom is not always 100% correct, although the results are usually excellent.

In case you have problems with the tool, you are not satisfied with the results or want to provide feedback, you can contact the developers via email at¬†¬†[email protected]¬†¬†.¬†You can also write to tell them how well it works for you!

A tool that respects privacy

The images are uploaded to Remove BG through a secure connection, encrypted with SSL / TLS certificate. Once the image has been processed, the result is temporarily stored so you can download it, but it is deleted from its servers approximately one hour later. As they state, they do not share the images or use them for anything other than removing their background and offering the download of the resulting image.

They also do not use the data or activity to train their artificial intelligence algorithm. On their page they state that, if in the future they decide to use the images for any other purpose, it will be explained clearly for what and permission will be requested previously and explicitly. An entire declaration of principles!

Do you dare to try it?

I have done different tests and it convinces me more than any other application to¬†remove background to an image¬†that I have tried.¬†Fast, efficient, online, free‚Ķ you can’t ask for more!

Do you know any other application to erase the background of the images? Does it work better than this? I would love to have your impressions in the comments, I wait for you!

6 Tools to remove your background images easy