40 sites to download free stuff

One of the features of the Internet that people love most is the amount of resources and information that are available for free and free , waiting to be used, remixed, and used by everyone who needs them. Although there are also plenty of things that are worth paying for, many people are dedicated to collecting material, or releasing part of their work and work so that others can use them, either by giving something to the community or by seeking exposure.

Today we have done part of the heavy work for you, and we recommend 40 sites where you can download all kinds of free and completely legal content.


  1. In Kaboompics you can get beautiful free photos for personal or commercial use under open licenses.
  2. SplitShire is a minimalist website with royalty-free stock photos that you can use as you wish.
  3. In Unsplash they upload 10 new photographs every 10 days and all are free to use.
  4. Libreshot is an image library under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 2.0).
  5. Public Domain Archive is a large repository of public domain images.
  6. In Negative Space they add 20 new photos every Monday, and all are released under a CC0 license.


  1. Iconfinder is an icon search engine with more than 650 thousand individual icons and more than 12 thousand packages, many of which are completely free.
  2. Findicons is another search engine where you can search in a library of almost half a million icons.
  3. Font Awesome is a package that has 439 scalable icons in vector format compatible with Bootstrap.
  4. Entypo is a set of more than 250 icons and pictograms in OpenType, TrueType, EPS, PDF and PSD format.
  5. Oticons is the open source set of GitHub icons and you can download them for free to use in whatever you want.

Design and development

  1. Deviantart is a very popular website that collects the work of artists of all kinds, its resources section includes icons, stock photos, PSD files, vectors, and everything you can imagine.
  2. Freepink is a free graphic resources search engine that helps you find the necessary elements for any design or development project.
  3. In 365 psd a resource is shared on PSD every day, 365 days a year and completely free.
  4. Subtlepatterns is dedicated to sharing patterns with different high quality textures for free.
  5. All The Free Stock is a resource search engine where you can get photos, videos, icons and effects of stock sounds.
  6. In Premium pixels we can find icons, web interface kits, PSDs, patterns, textures, buttons, and a variety of free and free mockups .
  7. In Makerbook they have listed a large number of sites to download photos, mockups, graphics, textures, fonts, colors, videos and sounds.
  8. Fribbble is a website where free resources are added that have been shared by designers who have a profile on Dribbble.
  9. In FreebiesBug you will get icons, application designs, mockups, web page templates, concepts, free fonts, JavaScript effects and plugins , stock images, and WordPress themes.
  10. In Psddd you will find application designs, icons, buttons, mockups, patterns and backgrounds, navigation menus and elements for Photoshop.


  1. Font Squirrel collects high quality fonts, all are free and the vast majority are free for commercial use.
  2. In The Lost Type Co-Op you get premium fonts created especially for the site and you can download them paying whatever you want, even nothing.
  3. The League of Moveable Type is a project where they offer completely free and open source fonts since 2009.
  4. In Font Fabric every week a new and unique typeface is produced, and can be downloaded at no cost.
  5. Impallari is a small site where you can also pay whatever you want for the fonts, and you can also contribute.


  1. Project Gutenberg is one of the largest collections of electronic books that exist and are part of the public domain in the United States.
  2. Google Books has many books of different categories, many of which are in Spanish and are also free.
  3. Amazon has a section with all the public domain books that you can download directly to your Kindle, it has more than 1700 titles.
  4. Hundred Zeros monitors all books that become free for Kindle on Amazon Spain.
  5. Open Library is a project of the non-profit organization Internet Archive.
  6. Public Domain is a site dedicated to spreading all the works in … Public Domain.
  7. Wikisource is a Wikimedia project with original texts that are under public domain or that have been published under GFDL or CC-BY-SA 3.0 licenses.
  8. ebooksgo is a site with free and free books, all are licensed under GFDL and Creative Commons.
  9. Lektu has a section of free books, you just have to log in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account.


  1. Maybe you didn’t know but there are many free games on Steam .
  2. In this subreddit they know it and have created r / FreeGamesOnSteam to share free to play games or anyone who becomes free for a limited time, and even to give away copies of other games.
  3. In GOG they also have their own section where they list the games that are temporarily free.
  4. If mobile games are your thing, Amazon constantly gives away games of all kinds on a daily basis.


  1. Papertoys are armed figures on paper that can have all the forms you can imagine, in this website they are responsible for collecting many of the best available for free on the Internet.
  2. One of the best sites to download wallpapers: Wallhaven .