5 free applications to erase the background of an image

In the age of social networks it is very normal for people to want to make their montages, and you may need to remove the background of an image . Here are some free options.

Some applications work for the same, but each one has a different operation , we leave several options for you to choose the one you like.

Background Remover

We open the list with Background Remover , perhaps it is not the most accurate thing there is, but it all depends on your ability with your finger, and in the end you will take the practice. The app is very simple, you just have to give the Background Remover option (yes, the option is called the same as the app) after going through the entire amount of advertising of the application and select the area you want to keep, and finish of polishing it later. And this with the end of deleting parts, etc. which is where the app gains strength, and you can leave it fairly clean with a little skill, then they allow you to add funds or export it as png.

Ultimate Background Eraser

The second is Ultimate Background Eraser , translated in the Play Store in Spanish as “Last draft of funds” (Yes, it is not the best translation there is). But apart from much less publicity there are many more options . Do it manually, as in the previous one or automatically. It automatically works as per «lines», in my case that I have tried it with the photo of a desk, it is somewhat slow to select everything, but the option does not go wrong, and then I have tried it being the main subject and It has been very good, that is, it is easier to cut people than objects,  although most people probably want to cut, then you can finish touching it with the manual.

And if you want you can also do it as in Background Remover, by selecting the zone. Many options, but a lot of practice too. Then, as in the previous one, you can add.


This in particular has seemed pretty good,  MagiCut  is an application that allows you to do the same as the others, and more. The clipping method is different, you select the edges of what you want to trim and the app trims for you. And  surprisingly it works very well. As we have seen in the other automatic apps, it works much better with people than with objects, but it seemed like a great application. In addition you can also  retouch the image,  modify contrast, saturation, a little colors, add filters, crop, rotate, etc. A very decent option, and also without a lot of publicity.

Delete background

Yes, Delete background ,  a very explicit title, but that is what it is for. The operation is similar to “Ultimate Background Eraser”, automatic and just retouch with the manual. It works similarly, but you can add text, emojis, etc. w

It does not work badly, but it has few “undo” options, if you are wrong you may have to start over,  something not very comfortable telling you that you have to use your finger as a “mouse” or “graphic tablet” and it is not very accurate. But it works, it works well.

Background Remover Pro

I know that with the “Pro” crutch at the end of the name  Background Remover Pro , it  seems paid, but no, it’s still free. It offers something similar to what «Background Remover» offered us, the first one we have seen, but something better implemented.

When you cut, you automatically zoom into a corner that allows you to see at all times what you are cutting accurately. So the clipping is done quite well, and then you can finish erasing what you want automatically or manually, and in addition there, you also have a zoom to see it well. Perhaps it is one of the best  for trimming objects. 

Well, those are all, what do you think? Which one do you prefer?