All about computer viruses

As with humans, computers can also become infected with a virus. It is not that the temperature rises or they begin to sneeze, they are computer viruses; malicious programs that enter the operating system of electronic equipment, to impair its operation without the user even noticing it while acting.

This system, which is also called malware, can infect both the computer and smartphone systems, and they work by destroying all the information that is stored in the devices’ memory.

How do computer viruses enter the system?

Normally computer viruses are embedded in the code of executable files, which they also use to spread through the web. That is to say, we can run into software of this type by downloading a program of doubtful origin and running it on the computer or telephone equipment; or by opening a message or email that automatically executes malware.

Virus characteristics

  • The main feature of these is the massive consumption of resources in the infected team.
  • They cause severe damage such as permanent data loss.
  • They spread easily from one computer to another by exchanging files.
  • The productivity and capacity of the computer is significantly lost.
  • They can remain dormant in the ram memory of the device, until manifested according to a scheduled date or condition.
  • The effects they cause are persistent even after proper disinfection.

Protection against computer viruses

Reducing the risks or reducing the vulnerability of computers or phones to the attack of these software is the task of each user; The protection measures available and that are truly effective are numerous.


This is the most frequent active way to prevent viruses from entering the operating system we use. Antivirus are programs that are responsible for quickly detecting and eliminating any malware; controlling the system pathways that are vulnerable and warning the user of a possible risk.

 Automatic update

Configuring the system to automatically renew each application or program according to the updates offered by the manufacturer, is another way of protection; Well, in this way we make sure that security flaws are corrected.

File Filters

File filters are programs intended to process the data stream of a device that is connected to the network; It is a selective technique that provides effective security automatically.