Do you already know how to protect your data in case you lose your android?

Avoid future disasters and do not give third parties the opportunity to generate some type of damage in your life; Taking the steps to protect your data in case you lose the Android is the best way to save yourself from gigantic headaches.

Minimizing the damage that can be caused by malicious people who find or steal your android is only your responsibility; Well, you have a world of tools available to do it, so it is your duty to know and use them in anticipation of these events.

Measures to protect your data on an android

Screen lock

Although for some it is totally normal to keep the telephone equipment with the screen locked, for others it is simply not a matter of importance, since they say they have nothing to hide; However, it is not about hiding anything, it is about protecting your privacy.

Photos, videos, conversations, social networks and many other juicy sources of useful information for the scoundrels are those that our phone contains; it is for this reason that using the basic “slide” lock is not so efficient, since this way anyone can access the system without problems.

The pattern blocking system is not the safest either, because after several attempts they can find the one you use; The best alternative (especially the most basic) is to use a PIN or password lock.

Application blocking

An extra touch of security is to block all relevant applications, so even if they manage to decipher the screen lock password, those who try to open the applications will encounter a second level of security.

Activate the SIM card PIN

The SIM card is the element that makes it possible to make calls from your android device; that is to say, whoever is in possession of the mobile can spend your balance, make calls on your behalf or send text messages to the contacts you have registered.

The activation of the SIM card PIN is done from the Settings in the Security section , there we have the option to block SIM card.

As you know we are all exposed to being victims of theft and in most cases the loss of the phone is definitive; It is for this reason that protecting your data is not an issue that should be taken lightly, you should even have a physical or cloud backup of the information contained in the phone.