Find my mobile? Don’t worry Samsung is having errors

As it is already normal that the servers of any company fail overnight, and with this cause their customers to be confused, this is the case that has happened to  Samsung Galaxy devices , related to the Find function  my Mobile, therefore with the Google Find My Device application .

These services allow the user to find the cell phones in case of theft or loss, in addition to being able to locate them remotely the galaxy that the users have lost, as if that were not enough, it is also possible to block total access to the device, as well as Backups.

Consequently, Samsung Galaxy users around the world started receiving a strange push notification from Find My Mobile, which only shows number 1; Many users have tried to click with this notification but it does not produce any results since it disappears when touched.

Why the notification, why was it?

Without hesitation, he points out that it is a server error, since this message is not reaching all users, and this is also appearing on devices that have never activated the function to find the device in case of theft. Similarly this has appeared to all galaxy devices, these being the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 10 series, and why not say the Galaxy S, Galaxy J and Galaxy A. The aforementioned have been creditors of rare messages.

Samsung has yet to comment, there are no official statements, but it seems that the notification could have been sent by accident, as happened to the OnePlus at the time last year.

If you have already received this message, or will receive it in the next few hours, please! do not be alarmed, ignore the message or believe that your smartphone is going to be blocked, you simply have to delete the notification by pressing the message.