Five Android apps perfect for business

A week ago we presented the count of five iOS applications perfect for business , so we could not forget our readers who prefer Google’s mobile operating system on their mobile terminals. So here we leave you the list with five Android applications that can be used in business .

With this application pack we hope you can get more out of your Android terminal as another tool in your office or your business.


It is a travel organizer for Android, which will make our lives easier, especially for those people who have a job where they travel a lot and sometimes find it impossible to remember the days and hours of their flights.

Among other functions with Tripit we can add the data of the flights that we must board, so that the application will notify us when a date where we have to travel is close and thus be able to plan our entire agenda.

We can add destinations specifying various data such as, place, time and day of the trip and Tripit will automatically create an itinerary for our trip. It also allows us to keep track of our frequent flyer accounts, in order to keep track of the points and rewards that our airlines can give us.

As an extra, Tripit can also be configured to notify us via email of the itinerary of our next trip.



As in the list for iOS, you can not miss an office suite , in this case you have the advantage of having the official Google Docs application for Android, I mean GDocs with which we can easily view and edit our documents stored in our Google Docs account.

It also allows us to upload content from our phone and open documents directly from GMail. It has a widget for the home screen, with which we will have quick access to the functions of this excellent application.

As if the above is not enough, GDocs can also be used to convert photos to text into editable Google documents, thanks to the OCR function. Of course the document originated with this procedure will automatically appear in the list of documents in our account.

In summary a good application, although for the most demanding users they may miss a more complete suite such as Documents to Go for Android.


This application is a useful finance manager with which we can track our expenses, income, sales, tax receipts, reimbursement, and various aspects of personal accounting or a small or medium business.

Cashbook has password protection, the possibility to select between 26 different currency types and the use of a Database (which can be modified by the user).

You can select more than one account to take control of multiple businesses or companies. The database can be backed up and restored within the same application, in addition to allowing us to export it or send it by mail in CSV format.


Application that gives us access to the latest financial information , with a simple interface shows us the movements in the stock market of the different markets, USA, Europe, Asia, etc., in addition to showing us the historical graphs.

It synchronizes with Google Finance and its interface is much easier to use than other applications of this type that exist for Android.


I personally loved this application, since it is a document scanner that will allow us as an extra function to convert them to PDF and share them or send them to whoever we need.

The process is very simple, you just have to take a picture with your Android terminal, then you must adjust, increase or trim the image size. The application will convert the file into a PDF document if you wish and finally ask if you want to send the resulting document to Google Docs, Box or Dropbox.

It also allows us to join several documents that we have shortened in a single file.