Five applications for children to learn astronomy by playing

We have already seen that there are applications designed for children to learn math , improve their level of English and even enter the world of programming. But today, in our collection of educational apps for children to gain knowledge while having fun , we will look a little higher and we will stop in an exciting discipline: astronomy.

We have selected a few applications that have two points in common: they are available for both iOS and Android and allow children to gradually learn everything that concerns the celestial bodies of the universe. Of course, remember that before leaving your mobile, it is advisable to configure it correctly and install some parental control app.

Astrokids Universe

Astrokids are fun characters with which you can explore space while discovering the planets of the solar system , drawing shapes with the stars or solving astronomy puzzles designed for children. In this way, it is possible to understand simple concepts such as the stars, the planets, the solar system, the phases of the Moon or the constellations.

In addition to eight arcade games, it includes eight puzzles to learn the universe and stimulate memory, logical thinking and concentration . The download is free, but offers in-app purchases.

Lipa Planets: The Book

Lipa Planets is an educational application designed especially for children from 5 to 8 years old and developed by Lipa Learning, a community of educators and creative professionals. It includes three different game modes in which you will have to join the Skipper puppy to explore the world of mythology and the cosmos.

While the child perceives the sounds and animations , he will enter the reading and discover where the names of the planets come from. The download is free, but offers in-app purchases. It can be used on any device with iOS 7 or later, and on certain Android models, so before installing it, check if yours is compatible on Google Play.

Star Walk Kids – Star Atlas

This is the children’s version of the famous Star Walk astronomical application , which has several million users worldwide. With this entertaining game, fully translated into Spanish, children can have fun while learning a lot of interesting information about the solar system, planets, comets, stars and constellations.

To do this, it includes colorful images, animations , fun characters, music and various mini-games to strengthen knowledge. The iOS version is priced at 3.49 euros; The download for Android is free but includes ads that you can remove with purchases within the app.

EducaT + Learn Solar System

EducaT + Learn Solar System is an educational video game that teaches children from 3 or 4 years how our solar system is composed and what are the names of the planets, the moon and, of course, the sun. In addition, each of the celestial bodies includes a mini game that adapts to its weather and terrain conditions.

It also allows you to unlock characters as you progress through the game and earn rewards in the form of medals and gems. In App Store, the application is priced at 2.29 euros and is compatible with iOS 8 or higher; On Google Play, the download is free, but includes ads and offers purchases within the app.

Solar Walk Lite: 3D Planetarium

Solar Walk Lite is an app for the whole family that shows us the solar system with 3D graphics to observe the real orbits, order, scale and movement of the sun, eight planets with more than twenty moons, asteroids, comets and nine satellites of the Land. Also, as you move between them, you can learn the most interesting facts about space.

The Lite version of the Solar Walk app is free (although it includes ads), does not require an Internet connection and takes up very little space , but has all the main functions and objects of our solar system. If you prefer to avoid advertising, access additional content and enjoy a better view, you can download the paid versions of Solar Walk or Solar Walk 2.