Focus mode for Android is now available: what is it and how to activate it?

Focus mode, the Google feature that allows you to fight against wasted time behind the screen of mobile devices, is now available for Android 10 and Android 9 Pie, The Verge portal reported Wednesday.

This tool gives the possibility to limit the use of applications that distract users and restrict notifications of these ‘apps’ to increase the productivity of smartphone owners. By activating the function, Internet users can avoid spending several hours watching videos on YouTube or endlessly consulting the ‘feeds’ of their social networks.

The function  independently identifies  the ‘distraction applications’ and offers the user to moderate their activity during the day.

The release version of the Focus mode, which initially debuted in the beta version of Android 10, has obtained some updates, such as  activating and deactivating automatically  depending on the smartphone’s owner’s schedule.

Also, there is now an option called  ‘Take a break’ , which allows the user to open the ‘distraction applications’ only for a set period of time: 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

How to activate the function?

To activate Focus mode it is not necessary to download or install anything, since it is  available in the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ section  of the configuration, next to the ‘Do not disturb’, ‘Parental control’ and ‘Application timers’ functions.

Thus, when you press the ‘Digital Wellbeing’, you will find there the Focus mode located within the ‘Ways to disconnect’ submenu.