Google Lens What is it and how does it work?

The large technology company, expert in providing information and managing the ways of communication known as Google, has revolutionized the market, with its new versions of an extremely innovative application that has been available to us for a couple of years. This is Google lens, this is an application created for mobile phones in order to analyze an image of any object, animal, structures, people or others, showing us a search for varied information related to that object.

This is possible because this application  performs a visual analysis  using the camera of an Android phone, and in this way helps us in our search. It is a very useful tool for everyday use because it offers the advantage that if we visit a place and do not remember its name or address  Google lens  can help us with just a photograph although the information available to us will not always be accurate.

This application was created by Google and its official launch was October 14, 2017. Since then, different versions of it have been released for android, pixel phones (Android Smartphone) and non-pixel phones, and for oneplus devices. This is always in a constant evolution offering a better service with new updates on compatible devices.

Translate a Text

If at any time we need to translate a text and it is in an image or photograph, this application will give us the option to open the translator.

Call and Send Messages

If we focus on a phone number, just press a button to perform this option that will even allow you to save the phone number.

Recognize Plants and Animals

Just focusing our camera on an animal or plant gives us the information about the species in question. Helping to identify it and in turn offers all possible data.

Search for books or other multimedia files

Focusing on copyright, it shows us the information that is available as its release date, reviews and reviews.

 Product Search

Without a doubt this would be its most important function. Well, we can focus on a product and it will show us a series of similar objects in different online stores such as Amazon or others.

Choose an outfit

If you liked an outfit anywhere just with your image, the application will help you compare prices and store availability.