Graphic design tools

Why talk about graphic design programs?

In the world of marketing and communication we find a market saturated with stimuli and information. There are millions of brands and people talking and in many cases talking about the same.

To meet our objectives as a brand we must be very intelligent and know how to differentiate ourselves from our competition. A basic principle is that everything enters through the eyes. Aesthetics is something that attracts attention and sells. Therefore, creating and caring for the visual identity of our communication must be a fundamental part of our strategy.

Free and online programs

On the web we can find several design programs that will allow us to create attractive images in a fast and dynamic way.


It is one of the best known programs lately. It has a wide variety of free templates to create graphics and all kinds of designs. It is a very easy to use tool where you will also find a section to edit photographs. It offers a “pro” version to have a greater number of templates. The tool is designed to work online, although it also offers the opportunity to download a free application for mobile devices and has a WordPress plugin that integrates the application with your blog.


It is a tool that allows you to edit photographs and make collages and designs of any kind quickly and easily. You do not need to subscribe to take a look and try the tool.


Another tool with many advantages to take advantage of to create images for your content in rrss. It allows to work from any mobile device or computer. Offers a catalog of copyright-free images. You can share your work online or download as PDF, JPG or PNG for free.


It is a tool to draw and edit photographs. It works through an online application. The network has a community of designers and artists to which you can join, be aware of the news and share your work. A drawback is that the platform is only in English.

Free and paid desktop programs:

Most people who work in graphic design work with paid desk programs, with the adobe package being the most used and known.

Adobe Illustrator:

Specialized payment program in the creation of vector content. Useful for creating logos, icons, drawings, typographies and illustrations.

Adobe Photoshop:

It is the maximum reference in the world of graphic design. The different functions it offers have made it a program to do everything. However, its main function is photo editing. You can also work with illustrations and 3D images. You can edit videos and simulate real pictures.

Adobe InDesing:

A not so dear to many but a very useful tool for the world of layout. Specialized for the design and layout of editorial materials (magazines, books, web, brochures, etc.).

However, there are other very interesting free options.


It is a free version similar to Illustrator. It has all the necessary tools to create images and vector drawings. It is worth checking out and see all the options it offers.


It is one of the free versions similar to Photoshop. It is not as wide in functionality as photoshop, but it is very useful to get started in the world of photo editing.

To design …

With so many options there are no excuses for not starting to give a new face to our communication. Design your own identity that is in tune with your values ​​and interests as a brand and what your audience expects from you and values. Research the image and design trends of the market and merge this into your communication, as long as your brand allows it. Always keep the same design line to generate consistency and cleanliness in aesthetics and have fun in the process.