How to download Instagram videos on your computer

A few weeks ago we told you how you could download your Instagram photos in high quality directly from your browser. Now we are going to do the same, but telling you how to download your Instagram videos , so that you can have them on your computer in case you want to share them with anyone else.

For this method we will use the Inspect option of Chrome . It may be a bit more complex to make other third-party methods that make everything easier, but it’s enough to skip Instagram locks without having to share your account with other websites. Although in principle everything seems intricate, as soon as you do these steps a couple of times it will be a procedure that lasts just a few seconds.

Skip Instagram download blocking

The first thing you have to do is enter the Instagram website and find the video you want to watch. Click on it to see it on a large screen or open it in another tab to enter its specific page, and once you have it start playing it.

Now, right click on the video and choose the Inspect option that will appear at the bottom of the context menu that appears when you click. You can also enter this inspection panel by pressing the Control + Shift + I keys on your keyboard at the same time.

The Inspect panel will now open on the right side of your browser screen . With it you will be able to do many things, from seeing the mobile version of a website to exploring all the resources on the website. Click on the Elements section of this column on the right , which is where the web code is displayed.

It usually costs more to find things here, but in this case, taking into account that there is only one video loading on the web, it is easier. All you have to do is press Control + F to open a search window in the panel, and once this window opens just below the code look for the term .mp4 to find the video you are playing.

The video will appear with its .mp4 extension highlighted in yellow in the code body of the Elements section . What you have to do now, is right click on the link that contains the MP4 and press the Open in new tab option in the context menu. When you do, you’ll be asking Chrome to open the video you’re watching on the web in another tab.

Chrome will open the video and only the video in another tab, so you can see it outside the Instagram website. This means that there will be no protection against downloading. In this case, the last thing you have left to do is right click on the video and choose the option Save video as . By doing so, choose a destination folder and you will download the video you were watching.