How to download Netflix series and movies to watch offline offline in Windows 10

Netflix takes time to let you download its series, documentaries and movies on mobile devices to be able to consume them whenever you want without needing to be connected. Now, the streaming service has extended this possibility including its universal Windows 10 applications , and allowing you to take your travel laptop with you if you take your laptop with you.

The system to download the series and movies is quite easy. Even so, if you do not finish clarifying, we will explain quickly and easily how you can do it. We will also explain how you can see all the content you have downloaded, and where to see the amount of space on your hard drive that the downloads are occupying.

Due to licensing, not all Netflix content can be downloaded , but you have a new section available for download in which you can download what you can download. Also for the licenses of the titles, the downloads will be available for 7 days or for 48 hours after you start playing them. Once this time has elapsed, they will be deleted and you will have to download it once more.

How to download a series or movie on Netflix

The first step before downloading a series, movie or documentary is to enter its file. There are two ways to do it. On the one hand, if it is a series that you are already watching and click on it, it may take you to the next chapter that touches you. In such cases, the tab for the series has one i information to enter generic tab. If it is not something you are seeing simply click on its cover in the list of contents.

In the case that it is a series in its file you will get several chapters. Each of them has the icon of a down arrow , which is where you will have to press to start the download. By doing so, at the bottom of the application you will get a blue window that will show you how the process progresses.

If it is a feature film, its file is easier to understand, and next to the icon of the down arrow you will see the legend Download so you have no doubts about where to click. The process is the same, click and wait for the download to take place. You can download as many series and movies as you want to take with you, and all of them you can watch later offline.

Look at your downloads and how much they occupy

When you want to look at the content you have available, all you have to do is click on the menu icon that appears at the top left next to the Netflix logo. Several options will open to you, among which you have the one from My downloads . Clicking on it you will have all the movies, documentaries and episodes of series that you have downloaded, and you will only have to click on one of them to enter its file and see the play icon.

In the case that you are traveling without Internet, which is still the reason for this function, when you open Netflix you will see a message telling you that you have no connection. It will give you the option of trying to reconnect or go directly to your downloads, where you can quietly begin to see the content that you have previously downloaded.

One of the functions that the download feature lacks is that of being able to choose the hard disk on which the content is downloaded. Even so, at least it does show you a panel in which to see in different colors how much space you have occupied on your main disk and how much of it belongs to Netflix.

To reach it, click on the icon of the three points at the top right. And in the two options you choose the one of Configuration . This screen also allows you to remove all downloads at once and change the video quality if you want to save space.