How to recover your android in case of loss?

None of us are exempt from robbery or simply misplacing your mobile at any time; Therefore, in order to recover your android, we offer you the best configuration recommendations at your fingertips.

There are multiple options that you have available, but you have the alternative of choosing which is the most convenient for you; because although they do not fully guarantee that you can have it back, they do significantly increase the chances of getting it back; therefore it is not such a bad idea to be ahead of it.

More convenient measures to recover your android 

Activate location 

The first thing you should do is prepare your android device so that it is easier to locate it in case it is not found anywhere or it is a victim of theft.

To achieve an approximate location of the site where it is located, it is recommended that you keep the location of your device activated; You do this by entering the settings in the Location section and pressing the switch that we find until it changes its status to  “On”. 

Find my device from google

Another way to achieve this is to activate the google function “Find my device”; an effective tool that you can use from another android or from a computer to obtain the exact location of the mobile device in google maps.

Emergency information

If you were not a victim of theft, it is possible that another person of good will has it and does not know how to return it, it simplifies their work and provides you with the necessary information so that they can contact you; One of the best ways to recover your android in case of loss is to put the information of an emergency contact on the lock screen.

You can do it from the mobile settings in the Phone information option (on some devices it is in the “system” section ). Pressing there you will find the Emergency Information section , here to choose between Medical Information or Emergency Contacts; Both are important, so be sure to provide all the necessary information.

With this you can recover your android when someone finds it and wants to deliver it, because the emergency contact that they can go to contact you will appear on the lock screen.

If none of these actions works and you definitely believe that you will not be able to find it, you can choose to protect your data by remotely blocking your android by IMEI ; This way you make sure that nobody uses your information for bad purposes.