How to remove background with Pixlr Online to images

This time we will be doing a fairly simple tutorial but it will be very useful. There will be many people who do not have any knowledge of graphic design and on some occasion they have needed to take away the background of some type of photo, do you know how to remove background with Pixlr online ?.

About this we will talk about a tool to remove background with Pixlr Online Editor that allows us to edit images online and free, which can be used from any browser that supports Flash technology, also has applications for iOS and Android which allows to use it from any device.

Apart from using the Pixlr Online Editor, I will explain how to search for images without a background or with a white background since when cleaning the background to an image it will be much easier if the background is white.

Pixlr Tutorial: Steps to remove background to an image with Pixlr Online Editor

Step 1

Run Flash Player After entering the website .Activate Pixlr flash online

Step 2

Find the image you want to use. Either on Google or on your computer.Select the image to remove the background

Step 3

Select the image. With the option on screen Open an image from the computer.

Open image in the editor

Step 4

After having the image ready we must unlock the Layer of the current image by double clicking the lock in the Layers section.Unblock editor layer

Step 5

We select the option of the wand with the left menu or with the shortcut of the letter W and select the area we wish to erase.Select magic wand

Step 6

With the delete key we delete each area that we select, and finally we have the image with a transparent background.Transparent image pixlr online editor

Before finishing, you must save the changes in the option File> Save from the menu and select Format as PNG to keep the transparent background.Save image with transparent background

With these steps you should already have a complete and transparent image to use it in your needs, either to create WhatsApp Stickers or use them for the slides of your presentations.

Toolbar and utilities to remove background with Pixlr online for free

As we saw in the previous steps in the Pixlr online editor we also have multiple options , somewhat more advanced to edit an online image from your website and this is where the toolbar enters which I will mention some of the most important options at the moment of photo editing.

Magic Wand Tool

Magic Wand ToolLike our tool to remove background to an online image , the Pixlr editor has this option that if it is not a very useful tool unlike others such as the Tie it certainly comes in handy to remove uniform backgrounds with a single color. It can be activated with the shortcut key (W).

Lasso tool

Unlike the previous mentioned Magic Wand, this one differs by doing the process of selecting the contours manually, in this aspect it is not very efficient but it is good when you need to be more specific or detailed in images with alternating backgrounds for example environments external or offices, etc. This can be activated with the shortcut key (L).

Crop tool

Crop toolIn case you have the image already with the transparent background but the canvas size is very wide (the empty space), you can use this option of the tool to give an appropriate size to the image format, and it is certainly the most important . This option can be activated with the shortcut key (C).

Other options available

  • Move:¬†Move the image of the layer.
  • Marco:¬†Delimit a part of the image.
  • Pencil:¬†Delineate style different types of pencil, their thickness and opacity.
  • Brush:¬†Paint the selected part with it, with different types of color, opacity, etc.
  • Draft:¬†Style, intensity corrects pencil painting errors etc.
  • Paint¬†bucket¬†:¬†Color the selected area
  • Gradient:¬†Contrast the color with the selected direction
  • Clone Cap:¬†Serves to duplicate things
  • Color replacement:¬†Change the current color to the preferred color
  • Shape:¬†Create desired figures
  • Blur:¬†Makes the image blur
  • Focus:¬†Sharpen the image
  • Blur:¬†Stir the image
  • Sponge:¬†Spread the color of the image
  • Clarify:¬†Makes the image brighter
  • Darken:¬†The image¬†becomes¬†more opaque
  • Red-eye reduction:¬†Returns the eyes of their original color
  • Corrector:¬†Corrects errors and hides them
  • Swell:¬†About selected things
  • Reduce:¬†Move selected items
  • Color¬†picker¬†:¬†Show the color used and add it for reuse
  • Text:¬†Add text to a specific place
  • Hand:¬†Move the image
  • Zoom¬†:¬†Zoom in on¬†the image
  • Color:¬†Customize the color you want to use


Without a doubt, the Pixlr Online Editor tool is quite good if we want to use it in more advanced cases even as a substitute for basic tools such as Photoshop, but it is still being deprecated by the use of old Flash technology although there are its own successors As its own editor Pixlr X Editor does not yet have all the options it includes, but for important cases it is always good to have everything.

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