Instagram updates Boomerang with new effects to compete with TikTok

Instagram has added new effects to its independent Boomerang application, with which it is possible to create one-second video loops.

Boomerang arrived when the world was used to Vine’s short videos. With a new proposal to create one-second loops, Instagram added to the application as a complement to Hyperlapse and Layout at the end of 2015. A little over four years ago, the app has undergone its first major update.

Instagram has added three new effects to create fun loops: SlowMo, Echo and Duo . The first one cuts the speed of the Boomerangs in half , so the videos last two seconds. Echo is a kind of double vision that adds a blur effect to moving objects.

Finally, Duo performs rewinding of the video and add a special effect retro transition. There is also an option to trim in which we can edit the beginning and end of our Boomerang. The four options above are available in the application for iOS and Android as of today.

It is curious to see that Instagram has integrated these options separately into an app that has not been updated for years and not directly to its main application, which is capable of performing Boomerangs. You are likely to use it as a test before integrating it to Instagram in the near future.

An update of Boomerang comes at a time when short videos again become relevant thanks to TikTok . Recently Instagram launched Reels , a copy of the Chinese application that allows you to create short music videos.

The new effects will arrive from today to iOS and Android and will be released gradually worldwide.