Optimize low-end androids

Optimizing low-end androids is a very important task that must be performed properly; Nowadays, the use of telephones has become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives, allowing us to communicate with other individuals in different places and forms. The updates in applications  and the new improvements that Android offers us advance in gigantic and hurried steps, which can cause our device to slow down due to the little space that is available from the internal storage of the phone.

Do not forget that over time the devices are replaced by other models with better features. This means that the device we use becomes a less advanced or lower range.

This can cause us stress, because when we need to use an application the device may freeze or it will take a long time to respond to open the application. Although it can also be due to the deterioration that is created over time; Although there are different procedures that will help us optimize low-end androids by  freeing the internal memory of junk files, thus improving the processing capacity of our phone.

Uninstall Applications

Uninstall that application that does not perform any important function. Try to take advantage of the  basic applications  that originally came in the operating system.

Live Wallpapers

Using these funds is not recommended as it not only affects the performance of the device but also the bacteria reducing its duration.


It is advisable to  clean the  cache  every so often because when it is saturated it makes it impossible to use some functions of the phone.


When it is  saturated by space and consumption it  causes the devices to slow down.

Internal storage

It is recommended to save applications in the internal memory of the phone. Well, if we use an external memory, it has a slower processing, making the use of the applications tedious due to the slowness with which they are executed.

Other options

If none of these options work, you can reset the phone to factory settings. There is also the option of using applications that improve device performance. Making simple functions such as clearing the ram and cache memory, as well as eliminating the applications that still work in the background.