The best extensions for Chrome and Firefox of 2019

Just as we did last year , or the year before that , to celebrate the imminent culmination of 2019 we have chosen the best extensions we discovered in Genbeta during these 12 months. The list of options was quite long, so we selected a dozen with the most prominent.

While most are extensions for Chrome , taking into account that these are compatible with Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and other Chromium-based browsers, they will serve many. However, there is also enough love for Firefox compatible extensions.

Web Activities

At the beginning of the year Microsoft launched Wev Activities , an extension to integrate Google Chrome with the Windows 10 Timeline . The function of the operating system that will be released with the April 2018 Update, was only compatible with the classic Edge, which we know, almost nobody uses.

With this extension you can see your Chrome tabs in the Windows 10 timeline and get the benefits of productivity and synchronization across multiple devices that means. For some like this server, it is simply indispensable.


A fantastic extension to download audio and video from almost any website . With Skyload, an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera , you only have to make a couple of clicks to download the multimedia files that are in your current tab.

It works with sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Soundcloud and more. You can even download multiple files at once, on the quality you choose and progress bar to bar click your browser extensions.

Simplify Gmail

In 2019 Google gave the final thrust to Inbox and the email client that many of us used by default left us a difficult vacuum to fill. This was what happened to the creator of Simplify Gmail , a fantastic extension for Chrome and Firefox that gives us a bit of simplicity and minimalism from Inbox but in Gmail .

It is a simple layer of CSS customization to eliminate most of the noise that classic Gmail has that some barely support.

30 seconds of knowledge

Or, 30 seconds of knowledge was one of the extensions best received by our readers this year. It is a simple help for developers looking to give a mini code lesson every time a new tab is opened .

Basically, the extension shows brief segments of code that you can understand in 30 seconds or less and always at hand when you open a new tab in Chrome or Firefox. It includes 9 categories ranging from JavaScript and Python to PHP and even possible questions in job interviews.


Matlock is the extension for the curious web of the year. It is a complement for Chrome and Firefox that identifies and lists all the open source libraries that a website is using . All in just one click from the extensions bar.

It also shows relevant information about each library , from links to the repository on GitHub, date of last update, favorites, creator and the origin of this.


One of my favorites of the year is PopUpOFF , which is not an adblocker as such but a ” nuisance eliminator “, specifically one of the worst possible inconveniences when browsing: unwanted pop-ups or pop-ups.

It also handles overlays, cookie notifications, and several other things that hinder any website you visit.


Another of my absolute favorites of the year, Multicopy is the extension for those who are tired of copying and pasting multiple things one by one . It is a blessing for productivity, what it does is to store a history of everything you copy in the browser and offers it to you in a drop-down menu to paste at any time and any place.


For those who want more control when watching multimedia content on the web there is Videospeed , a great extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to control the playback speed on Netflix and YouTube .

The extension adds buttons to the player to speed up or slow down the playback, that is, with this you can do things like watch a 1.5x video and swallow an episode of 45 minutes in 30 or less to catch up with your not-so-favorite series .


If Chrome is not going as fast as you would like, you can try FasterChrome , an extension that does not work miracles but does make browsing faster using a rather smart trick that is based on the customs users have when browsing.

What FasterChrome does is take advantage of the idea that, generally, when we click on a link, we have previously had a small period of time the cursor over it, and therefore begins to load the content in the background in that period of 65 milliseconds exactly.

Responsive Viewer

Another for developers or designers, Responsive Viewer is an extension that lets us see different screen resolutions in one place . That includes user agents for several devices such as most iPhone models and several Android models (from the Galaxy, Note or Pixel range).

A small Swiss army knife to convert and optimize images. This extension allows us to optimize and resize images for the web , so that they are less heavy but without noticing the loss of quality .

You can upload images in PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and WEBP format. And, it supports three output formats when converting: Webp, jpg or png .

Auto Tab Discard

Finally an indispensable for many and one of the last interesting extensions that we have found this year: Auto Tab Discard helps us reduce the memory and CPU usage of our tabs at any time.

It is compatible with Chrome and Firefox and what it does is automatically suspend (or whenever you want) the tabs in the background that we are not using completely stopping the use of resources by them.