Beyond its technical specifications, the Xbox Series X also needs to boast a catalog of exclusive games attractive enough. In Microsoft you are fully aware of this situation and have therefore been acquiring reputable studies in recent years. However, those of Redmond have made it clear that, during the launch, the new console will share its First Party titles with the Xbox One .

Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, told MVC that his goal is to offer cross-gen (intergenerational) games for one or two years – after the launch of Series X. And they do not intend to neglect the trust of Xbox One buyers: “We want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox, either now or in Series X, they feel they made a good investment and that we are committed to the content.”

The foregoing, however, could raise doubts about the strategy of selling new hardware. How do you plan to get the attention of buyers if the first games will also reach Xbox One? The manager said they will allow Series X performance to “speak for itself . ” This suggests that the difference in the visual section will be really significant.

“Our approach is to choose one or two intellectual properties that we will focus on to ensure that they are available at the launch of the console, taking advantage of all its features. For us it will be Halo Infinite , which is a great opportunity. It is the first time. in more than 15 years we launched a Halo title synchronized with a new console. And that team [343 Industries] will definitely do things to take advantage of the X Series, “Booty added.

For now it is unknown if Sony will take a similar path with the PlayStation 5. There is currently no confirmed exclusive title for the mentioned product, but it is clear that The Last Of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima will also guide the initial exclusive library of the PS5 . Either way, both consoles will be backward compatible . We will have to wait until the last quarter of the year to see if Microsoft is approaching its decision.