This website deletes the background of any photo in seconds

Removing the background from photographs has traditionally been an arduous and boring job: you had to select the limits with a photo editing tool and try to do it with precision so as not to erase important details. And this took time.

This is where the tool comes in , a simple online application that can be accessed from the computer or mobile browser and works almost completely automatically: you upload a photo and the application removes the wallpaper . As proof, the photograph that opens this news. uses artificial intelligence to analyze photos and eliminate funds accurately and at full speed uses technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognize the two parts of an image, what goes to the background and is erased and what is in front of it must be maintained. It also has algorithms so that there is no contamination of colors and images or borders, but what is really important is that first: a machine understands the photo and knows that it has to erase only the background.

Results always perfect!

The result is not always perfect, it only works with photos of faces and people, because that is why AI has been specially trained; and the result depends a lot on a more or less clear separation between the colors of the background and the person in the foreground.

It is a pity that the limit of the resulting photographs is 500×500 pixels, a small size for what tasks (such as illustrating a news from a digital newspaper), but enough to make social media montages.