Top 23 themes for Mozilla Firefox

We bring you a collection with the best 23 Firefox themes to give a face lift to the browser, themes with which you can change what you see in its top bar. Unlike Chrome themes , Mozilla’s browser ones are much simpler, since they only occupy the top bar of the browser. Neither the wallpaper nor the menus are usually affected by them.

Despite these limitations, this compilation shows the great creativity that exists in the community, and we have tried to include topics for all tastes. Even so, as we always say in Xataka Basics, if there are other topics that you like more or think you deserve to be shared with other readers, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section.

Matte Black (Red)

Firefox has its corresponding dark theme like almost all current browsers. However, some users may not find it entirely dark, or at least prefer one that is a bit more. For all those, the user Elijah Lopez has created a series of topics that surely interest them.

They are Matte Black themes , whose background is still as dark as that of the official dark theme of Mozilla. The difference is that the dark gray color of the taskbar and the active tab are even darker. You have several combinations that combine that dark tone with the top bar that indicates the active tab, and that can be red (it is the one we use in the holder of this section, the net), gray , violet , pink and many other colors .


And if we have started with a theme for lovers of dark themes, we will continue with one that is the opposite. It is a clear theme with a very simple design, but it is not flat. On the right side of the screen you will see an animated cat , a gif that moves slightly so that it is not all static. The rest of the design is a broken white color, slightly darker in the inactive tabs.

Japan Style – Kanagawa

The great wave of Kanagawa is one of a famous Japanese print that the painter Katsushika Hokusai created between 1830 and 1833, and that today is still perfectly recognizable by anyone. This theme places the wave of the famous work in the upper right corner of your browser, so you’ll love it if you’re interested in Japanese culture.

There is another version of the theme that we could call the conventional or original, but its creator has decided to create a higher resolution version in which the wave is smaller so that it looks better in the toolbar. In addition, the rest of the upper bar is left with a color and texture reminiscent of the paper, so that everything is even more aesthetic.

Sakura Blossoms & Birds

If we abandon the Japanese aesthetic, we find this beautiful theme with an illustration in which we see the branches of some cherry blossoms on which two birds perch . If you are interested in Japanese culture, you will already know that Sakura cherry trees or trees are very special there, and that their flowering is an event.

The background of the theme has a broken white color that combines very well with the pink subtlety of the flowers and the brown of the birds. The author warns that the drawing is not his, but he found it online and decided to make the subject. In addition, it also proposes a wallpaper with the same drawing to complement the experience.

Crazy Cats Action

And we go from a nice and delicate theme to a much more psychedelic and action-packed one. A few years ago, Microsoft created its iconic ninja cat on the back of a unicorn, and the drawing that tops this theme takes that design and levels it up by adding a gun and accompanying it with another cat that is mounted in a car as if from a movie seventies action is involved.

The theme is accompanied by shades of dark purple and pink, with rays and everything necessary to make your eyes open to so much action. The drawing is located on the right side of the browser toolbar bar, and it is so important that the address bar is even transparent so that it does not stop seeing. This may make Firefox a bit more difficult to use, but it certainly gives the drawing all the attention it deserves.

Running foxes

And as a Firefox user, you may be interested in choosing a theme in which those red foxes appear as a browser mascot. In this case they are not in the form of any type of abstract logo or drawing, but with a natural and realistic illustration in which you can see two of them walking through the forest.

The theme goes from the dark tones that you will see in the upper left corner of the toolbar to the illustration that is located on the right side. This, has brown and orange tones, very autumnal all and that make it a beautiful and relaxing theme without any stridency.


And for allusions, since we have mentioned the abstract drawings in the previous topic, this is precisely what is offered to us. The theme is quite simple, and its drawing is a polygonal design that wants to emulate the appearance of the crystals that you can see in the windows, although without any concrete composition but more random than anything else.

The toolbar is an opaque color, leaving the drawing for the tabs that are in the background. In this way, it is a design that does not hinder the use of Firefox at any time. Its colors are dark, and the letters and highlighted elements are in orange.

Swirlie colors

A subject also abstract but simpler. In it, you can see an illustration of explosive lights, as if it were the negative of some fireworks. The toolbar is a translucent color to be able to differentiate well but respecting the background color.

Abstract Firefox

Although its title suggests that it is an abstract subject, it really is not so much. At least if we compare it with the previous two. This is the old Firefox logo , the classic of a lifetime, and is surrounded by a series of somewhat abstract effects that serve to effectively link the logo with a cyan background.

The illustration is placed at the top right, so it will not bother much when navigating. The rest is a dark cyan background at the top and with the tabs in second light, and lighter and bleached in the part of the toolbar and the active tab to differentiate it well. The search bar is perfectly visible and distinguishable in white.

Dark-ish Rainbow

This theme is quite difficult to catalog, but you might like them if you love flashy color combinations . With it, the taskbar and active tab will turn a purple color that matches the pink of the action buttons and the text of the search bar, which will remain dark to be distinguishable.

On the other hand, in the upper bar and covering without distinction the tabs in the background you will have a dark cyan drawing, where the letters and names will be in a dark yellow color. In short, you have a colorful theme that you can end up loving or hating.

Blue carbon fiber

And we go from a striking and colorful theme to a much simpler and darker one. It is one in which you will have a dark blue carbon fiber textured background , being able to see its fabric. It occupies the entire upper part of the browser, including the tabs in the background, although with small separators to differentiate them.

In the toolbar and active tab you will see a semi-transparent white color, so that by differentiating well the foreground elements you will also be able to see the main design through them. The address bar is well differentiated in white.

Orange-Blue Gradient

We keep going down a bit and we reach an even more sober and simple theme, although that is why it is still elegant and pleasing to be dark. In it, you have an orange background on the left side of the screen, which gradually transitions to a dark blue color on the right side.

The orange color gives the theme a lot of personality, although you cannot see it in the capture due to a design error in the image that represents the theme. The fact of the matter is that orange is the color of the Firefox fox , so it makes sense to be one of the colors present.


And we go with an imperishable classic as it is a theme in which the background image are wooden boards, as if it were a photo that you have taken to the floor or wall of a cabin. If you are not convinced by the color of the wood, the creator offers a collection of themes based on this same design but with different colors.

The toolbar and active window are slightly obscured, so that they are integrated into the background drawing but getting differentiated , and the address bar is dark opaque so that it is not annoying to write on it.

Space Fantasy Redux

Another classic in browser themes is the starry background for lovers of heaven and space . Its greatest virtue is that the background color changes intensity in different places, as if it were a really slightly starry sky, making areas brighter and with more stars and darker ones.

In the toolbar and active tab you will see a semi-transparent gray color, so that by differentiating the foreground elements well you will also be able to see the main design through them. The address bar is gray, perfectly differentiated from the background design but still consistent with its colors.

Calm Sunrise

In this article we already have at least two themes created by MaDonna , an 80-year-old woman who is one of the main creators of the best browser themes. Another example is this, which will delight lovers of a starry sky. The difference with the previous starry theme is that the drawing is much prettier with a background sunrise in a landscape of mountains by the sea.

The photograph is placed on the right side, so that the entire left is black. Both the toolbar and the tabs and the address bar are transparent, so that subject photography takes up everything. However, putting the letters and icons white makes the browser options well distinguished.

Fluffy little white

From this same creator, this other theme is again, which is much more adorable and appropriate for the winter or Christmas period. In it, you can see some white birds perched on the branch of a snowy tree , all with a background that is also almost white. This is a very soft color, which makes all the elements of the toolbar perfectly readable.

Dark polygon

This theme is an attempt to give personality to a dark browser mode. Instead of a flat color design, bet on a polygonal design wallpaper with several shades between dark gray and black. This polygonal design is on the right side of the screen, while the left is in flat black so as not to disturb the navigation.

This last detail is important, since all interface elements are transparent. They are distinguished quite well because the buttons and texts are white and contrast well with the background. If you like it very much, you can complement it with this wallpaper that uses the same drawing.

Fantasy of Lights

A theme based on a photo of the sky illuminated by a northern lights , so if you like the color of these phenomena you will be able to have it in your Firefox. The wallpaper you use shows the sky illuminated by an aurora, but frames it next to the tops of some trees to give it a more natural aspect.

The toolbar with the active tab has a transparent white color, so that they differ well from the rest of the design but show the background that composes it. The address bar is opaque white, and there is a wallpaper with the drawing in case you want to put it on your computer to complement it.

Three Wolf Moon Shirt

Speaking of northern lights, this theme mixes those colors with the drawing of a wolf howling at the moon placed on the right side of the screen. If you like this animal it is a theme that you can not miss, since the preview shown in the Add-ons store and included here does not do it justice.

The wolf’s drawing is on the right end of the screen, but the rest is left with a wavy background of black and greenish colors, like the northern lights dancing at night. The toolbar superimposes a transparent white color to distinguish itself and that there are no problems when viewing any element.

Two little birds

A beautiful yellowish green theme very pleasing to the eye and colorful. Its design includes the drawing of two colored birds very similar to those of the rest of the theme that are placed on the right side of the screen. The rest of the background combines the two colors that make it up by bubble shapes, so that it is not monotonous.

The letters and icons on the toolbar are black, so they stand out perfectly on a white background. The taskbar and active tab are semi-transparent white to differentiate while maintaining the background.

Calm Cake

We turn to a much more striking theme, but you will like it if you are a lover of pastel colors . The theme uses only two colors, cyan and pink, but combines them in the different interface elements.

For example, the toolbar and the active tab are in cyan color, while the top bar and inactive tabs are pink. The address bar combines a lighter pink color, and the icons and letters are black to read correctly.

Thats No Moon

This theme is recommended when you have nothing left to do at home, and you decide to join an old man, a couple of androids and a smuggler with a giant pet to go around in search of adventure. Obviously, we are talking about Star Wars , since this theme is designed based on an image of the Death Star.

The subject does not sin of being overloaded, and in fact it is quite simple. Show a starry sky on most of the screen, and on the right side you will see the Death Star watching everything you do.

Vector christmas nativity

And we end with a theme that is very consistent with the dates that are running, and suitable for those who want to celebrate Christmas in their browser. This is a design that shows the typical birth of Bethlehem that many put in their homes at Christmas, all with a vectorized design and bluish tones with black shadows with the figures in the foreground.

The interface elements are totally transparent, which means that you will always see the design without being covered by anything . Even the taskbar is transparent, although the letters and icons are white to distinguish. The drawing you see is placed on the right side of the screen, and the rest is a starry sky.